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Spoke Tensioner is a simple to use tension gauge for bicycle wheels. It relies on the basic physics law of fundamental frequencies to determine tension. In other words, it uses sound, or the tone of the spoke when plucked. A few vital pieces of information are needed before tensioning can being. The material, (steel, aluminum or titanium), the length of the spoke, and the diameter (or dimensions for bladed) of the spoke. After this, each spoke can be plucked and the tension read directly from the screen.

In addition to the basic tensioning capabilities, this version also features a wheel builder mode. First the user specifies the wheel. The details of the wheel are entered, including spoke count, length, dimensions, and material. Next, the user measures tensions for each spoke in the wheel. These values are displayed graphically and stored for future reference. The user can visually see differences in spoke tension to help achieve a more evenly tensioned wheel. Wheels can be revisited later for a second truing or to verify tension if needed. See the screen shots of the wheel builder for a better understanding of this functionality.

Spoke Tensioner has a number of advantages over the traditional hand held spring tensioner:


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